Style Reinvention With Farfetch


I’ve always been a fan of those that go against the grain, who push boundaries and don’t apologise for it. Whether it’s musicians, artists, writers or designers – anyone that leaves you scratching your head and subverting your idea of the norm is alright by me.

So when Farfetch got in touch and told me about their latest campaign “Style Reinvention” I knew I’d have fun putting a post together. They asked me to compile an outfit using items from their site, but I was only allowed to choose clothes from the men’s section (apart from one token womenswear item) here’s what I came up with….


I’m a bit of a tomboy and often get told off for stealing my boyfriends clothes, so I had a great time browsing the virtual rails of the Farfetch gentlemen’s section.

What do you think of the look I put together?

I’ve always found myself quite jealous, whilst out shopping of the eye-catching prints that seem to only feature on men’s t-shirts. So I really wanted to include this awesome Playboy Tee from Philipp Plein.

I was going for quite a rocker look with this outfit and completely adore this Balmain Zip Biker Jacket, which also compliments my token ladies item (these boots) quite nicely! I then added the Valentino Straight Leg Trousers as I adored the colour and the side stripe detail goes well with the gorgeous Burberry Buckle Strap Messenger Bag.

To complete the look I added some bright, eye-catching accessories. A striped beanie from Paul Smith and a jaw(s)droppingly stylish shark scarf from Christopher Raeburn. And I couldn’t resist adding this Givenchy Skull Brooch as it’s so close to Halloween and I bloody love it.


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